Si želite leteti v London iz letališča Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana za nižjo ceno, kot jo ponuja Adria? Si želite poceni let iz bližnjih letališč z nizkocenovnim prevoznikom Wizz Air? Ali pa preprosto ne veste, kam bi šli, pa vendar si želite nekam leteti?

Danes, 19.5.2015 imate možnost, da za ceno ene karte kupite dve karti. Več o akciji na spletnem mestu Wizz Air – Spodaj so pravila:

This promotion applies on 19 of May from 00.00 hour to 24.00 CET only if you purchase minimum two (2) seats or more, at the same time as part of the same booking, for the same flight operated by Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. (W6) booking may include maximum six (6) passengers. Every second seat purchased will be free, up to a maximum of three free seats per booking. The term “free” means that you will not be charged the fare including taxes, other non-optional charges and a small cabin bag (max: 42*32*25 cm) (but excluding the administration fee) for the free seat. The administration fee will be payable for each free seat. Large cabin bags and each piece of checked-in baggage are subject to additional fees.


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