Ker sem sam že pred časom imel možnost testirati in narediti prvi blogerski test novega Renault Twinga in ker ima novi Twingo tudi svoj blog, kar je precejšnja novost v avtomobilskem svetu, ne bom pisal o teh zadevah, ampak bom rajši preko fotografij prikazal, kaj se je vse dogajalo v petek popoldan.

eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo001.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo005.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo002.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo003.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo004.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo007.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo006.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo008.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo009.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo010.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo011.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo012.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo013.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo014.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo015.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo016.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo019.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo017.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo018.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo020.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo024.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo021.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo022.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo023.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo025.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo026.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo027.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo028.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo029.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo030.jpg eu-blogerji-in-renault-twingo031.jpg

Zapisi pri ostalih udeležencih testa:
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28 Responses to EU blogerji v Sloveniji testirajo novi Renault Twingo

  1. AzzQim says:

    In kje si se prijavil za ta test? A so te sami poklical :P

  2. had says:

    nekaj sem nergal na twingovem blogu, potem pa sem dobil povabilo :)

  3. Sandrine says:

    Hey, nice pictures !!!

  4. Milan'che says:

    A na Bledu ste bili? Domačinov pa noben klical, kaj :P

  5. Sunshine says:

    Hude fotke. :) Sicer pa to itak že sam veš, da delaš dobre fotografije. ;)

  6. John says:

    Res so super fotke. Zadnjič sem videl enega modrega na Tržški. Je kar všečen. A je tok prostoren ko stari? Meni se stari zdi ful. 192k/h!??! Kaj za vraga?

  7. Julio says:

    Yes, nice pics! I will post a review today too…

  8. Perko says:

    hude fotke, pa dobr ste pičili :)

  9. Ziga says:

    sem vas videl v petek popoldne, ravno, ko ste se odpeljali z parkirišča v Monsu

  10. lepe fotke, kaj rečt :D

  11. Nils says:

    Niiiiiiiceeeeee !!!!!

    It was a real pleasure to meet you Had !! It was a bit short but we spent really a good time in your beautiful country.. People are so nice..

    You’re all invited to come to my house in Luxembourg and if you travel to Paris one time, let me know !

    See you (i’l send you more by email ;-)

  12. @Nils: So that means the next Blogger-Party is in Luxembourg and/or Paris? Hehe, great to know ;-)

    @Had: Great photos you made there… Are there more of it?

  13. Nils says:

    BloggingTom >> Yes men ! You’re welcome in Luxembourg for a party whenever you want !
    If you want to come and visit us, I’ll have a bed for you in my house ;-)
    And thats the same for all of you guy’s who were there with us.
    I’ll also let you know if we organise a party in Paris (but I won’t be able to offer you the plane ticket :-( )
    See U !!

    and….. Niiiiiiiiiicccccceeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

  14. nimfa says:

    Oh, Nils, finally found you. :)) Was burek any good?! :P

  15. Nils says:

    Nimfa >> Nooooo !!!! It was awful !! I think I waited too long and so it was chewy and impossible to eat…

    Anyway thanks for making me discover this high gastronomy (in France, we have a lot of kebabs like this ;-)

    I come and see your blog…

  16. nimfa says:

    You should have eaten it while it was still hot! My mistake, forgot to give you all the instructions.:)) Seem to be forgetting lots of things lately…:)

  17. Nils says:

    Yeahh, boooouuuuhhhhh !!! It’s your fault !!
    It was not cold but it stayed in the paper so it wasn’t crusty at all…
    Anyway, I promise that when i’ll come back to slovenia, I’ll test it again in good conditions so that I’ll be able to provide an objective point of view ;-)

  18. nimfa says:

    Don’t worry, I’m not a burek fan either, I just eat it when it’s nothing else around – like the other day when the only other option were vegi dumplings. :))

  19. ervinator says:

    Nils, you can practice eating a hot burek (börek) in Luxembourg at Snack Ankara, 6 Avenue Monterey. Though, check first if it’s hot, or at least warm enough. But if you want to taste the best burek of all you will have to visit Prishtine in Kosova. :)

  20. roxa says:

    sam men tale Twingo grd. oblika mi ne paše. preveč je space.



  21. Raphael says:

    Nice pics but always nice photograph !!

  22. Al Carlton says:

    Excellent pictures there had. Great meeting everybody, I’ll certainly be back in Slovenia at some point and if there’s a party in Luxembourg :)

  23. Nils says:

    Ervinator >> Thanks for the tip ;-)

    Are you from Luxembourg ??!

  24. zara says:

    Hey, great pics! Lovely to meet you as well! Didnt you take about 300 though? where are the rest! x

  25. Raphael says:

    Yep Had, we want the rest !!

  26. ervinator says:

    Nils, I live in Germany, and I often come to Luxembourg and Ljubljana. ;)

  27. Fubiz says:

    Nice week end !

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