V naslednjih dneh pa tudi prvi test telefona – na Black.Berry blogu (klik na fotografijo):


6 Responses to Ekskluzivne fotografije prvega preklopnega BlackBerrya

  1. don barkL says:

    tale berrymania te je pa čist prevzela :)

  2. jodlajodla says:

    kako ga boš pa stestiral?

  3. Jedu says:

    Brez zamere, samo o teh telefonih je pa ze kar malo too much. Skoda tako dobrega bloga, da se pocasi spreminja v reklamirane objave.

  4. had says:

    Berry.si je moj blog in verjamem da marsikoga zanimajo povsem frisne zadeve. Sicer pa se strinjam da je bilo dovolj o tem postranskem projektu

    Ampak vseeno sem eden redkih v slo, ki ga je dobil v roke sedaj

  5. had says:

    @berry: videl to studijo.. zanimiva je..

    zanimiv pa je tudi tale komentar..

    I’m a little surprised that TechCrunch would republish such a poorly done study. The study was with phones from Oct. 2006- Oct. 2008. That means there was 9 months of data that didn’t include the iPhone at all. They also say that this is only problems reported directly to SquareTrade. If you’re an Apple person are you going to go back to an Apple Store or SquareTrade within the first year of use? Also, they didn’t take into account what carrier the phone was on which can have a significant affect on the number of problems that you have with a phone. Show me a real study and then I’ll consider it.

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