Pred tremi leti sem se spraševal Kdo je Stig? Odgovor, ki je “predstavljen” v zadnji oddaji Top Gear – Stig je … Michael Schumacher

He drinks a lot of petrol. He sleeps upside down like a bat. If you tune your radio to 88.4 FM you can actually hear his thoughts. He can catch fish with his tongue. He urinates 98 RON petrol (On The Top Gear Website Profiles) So, we gave the GTI to the STI… G His teeth glow in the dark. His favorite food is raw meat. He has no age. Jimmy Carter wants him dead. Banzai! Stig.

Če verjamete. Jaz se bolj nagibam v smer ki so jo zapisali na TimesOnline

Other drivers to act as The Stig include Julian Bailey, a former Formula One driver for Tyrell, who stood in for McCarthy. It is believed that at least four people have appeared on the programme in the role.