Zanimiva akcija za Volkswagen Golf GTI in GoPro – Turbocharge the Everyday. V agenciji Deutsch iz Los Angelesa si Golfa GTi opremili s 50!! kamerami GoPro Hero3, za volan posadili profesionalnega voznika Tannerja Fousta, ki tekmuje v driftanju, rallyu, dirkah na ledu… In naredili interaktivni video, s katerim lahko sami menjamo pogled, preskakujemo določene dele filma, pogledamo stvari iz drugega zornega kota…

In 2008 YouTube added Video Annotations as an interactive layer of clickable speech-bubble, text-boxes and spotlights. Users may add interactive annotations to their videos and by that a new trend of interactive videos arose, including choose-your-own-adventure video series, online video games using YouTube videos, spot-the-difference-game videos, animal-dubbing and more. In 2009 YouTube added a community aspect to its Video Annotations feature by allowing video owners to invite their friends and community to add annotations to their movies.

In 2013 Clickberry has launched a simple app to allow viewers on YouTube to add custom annotations to any video in real-time while watching, cut and share objects, draw and add stickers and emoji inside any video. Unlike any other app, there is no need in video editing as it works on YouTube’s web-site. The app uses a dynamic overlay system to enable viewers add creative elements and share them easily to Facebook, Twitter or save as bookmarks. Clickberry has also released and SDK to allow its functionality to be integrated into any video-player. (vir)