Pred časom je Nikon dal na trg D3 in D300, včeraj pa sem pri Urošu našel podatek, da prihaja v juliju Nikon D700.
In zakaj je D700 zanimiv? Ker Canon, večni tekmec Nikona, že nekaj časa ni presenetil. Mogoče čaka na Photokino? Ker je D700 fotoaparat z odlično ceno – 2.999$. In ker je full frame!
Kaj ponuja D700 (pdf)?

Finder: 18mm eyepoint. 95% coverage, 0.72x with 50mm lens. (D3 is 0.7x and 100% coverage.) Inferior finder in DX, doesn’t crop the finder as does D3.
Electronic Level
: Yes, electronic virtual horizon, just like D3.
AF: 51 points. CAM3500FX sensor array (same as D3 and D300). Fine-tuning, if you have slight errors with certain lenses.
Shutter: 1/8,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb. Carbon fiber and kevlar, tested to 150,000 cycles.
Flash Sync: 1/250.
Frame Rate: 5 FPS. 8 FPS with MB-D10 and EN-EL4 or 8-AA battery.
Built-in Flash: GN 39/12 (Feet/meters at ISO 100). Controls wireless flash.
Sensor: 12.1MP CMOS, same as D3. 14-bit linear ADC, 16-bit data pipelines, as the D3. 12-channel parallel readout.
Sensor Size: FX (23.9 x 36mm) and cropped DX, just like D3. No professional 5:4 mode.
Live View: two modes.
Resolution: 12.1MP in FX, 5MP in DX.
FX: 4,256 x 2,832 (L), 3,184 x 2,120 (M), 2,128 x 1,416 (S).
DX: 2,784 x 1,848 (L), 2,080 x 1,384 (M), 1,392 x 920 (S)
ISO: 200~6,400, from ISO 100 up to 25,600 in push and pull modes.
File Formats: JPG, TIF, NEF. NEF in 12- or 14-bit with no, lossy or lossless compression.
Rear LCD: 3,” 920,000 pixels. HDMI HD output.
Storage: Single CF card. Too bad; I love the in-camera backup of the D3’s dual card slots.
Data Communication: USB. Optional WT-4 wireless and ethernet.
Optional Macho-Man Grip: MB-D10.
Power: EN-EL3e, standard; same as D200, D300, etc.
Size: 5.8 x 4.8 x 3.0″ (147 x 123 x 77mm).
Weight: 35.1 oz. (995g) without battery, card, strap, monitor cover or lens.
Price: $2,999.95. Do you think Nikon is going to give you FX for free over the price of a D300?


Očitno sem našel zamenjavo za D200!