Michael Manske je eden izmed prvih piscev blogov v Sloveniji, ki je objavljal na spletnem naslovu http://carniola.org/, sicer pa Američan, ki se je rodil v Nemčiji že od leta 2001 živi v Sloveniji in je Head of the English department na Radio Si. Kot je to počel na svojem blogu – pisal o zanimivih prigodah, lepotah in doživljanju Slovenije, tako se je tudi odločil, da bo objavil tudi serijo audio posnetkov (podcast?) o tem Kako postaneš Slovenec.

Ideja je odlična in do 27. februarja je objavil 28 delov iz te serije. Na zabaven način prikaže, kako se počuti on v Sloveniji in na kaj morajo biti pozorni tujci, ki pridejo v Slovenijo. Tukaj je povzetek, iz YouTubea za prvih šest delov.

  • Slovenes themselves often have no idea how complicated and perplexing their language can be for foreigners. This video demonstrates how a simple idea in English (“Did you eat anything?”) is expressed in the linguistic labyrinth that is the Slovenian language.
  • Introducing yourself to people in Slovenia is essential. But you can’t rely on books to teach you how. You’re on your own.
  • Getting invited into a Slovenian home can be a wonderful experience — but also a dangerous one. Especially if you underestimate your host’s determination to fill your stomach to capacity… and then some.
  • To get Slovenian citizenship, every foreigner has to pass a language exam. But with its endless dialects, what is Slovene? Is it possible to understand every version of Slovene? And what does it mean if some Slovenes can’t even understand each other?
  • There are only about 2 million people in Slovenia, which means that there’s always a good chance you’ll run into somebody you know. This can be great, but can also make simple chores (like going to the store for bread) nearly impossible.

Kako postaneš Slovenec - Michael Manske

Kako postaneš Slovenec – Michael Manske

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