Če ste ljubitelj Fat Mikea, pevca skupine NOFX in če se kdaj poslušali skupine, kot so Descendents, Lagwagon, No Use for a Name, Alkaline Trio, Mad Caddies, Frank Turner, The Living End, Old Man Markley, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Dance Hall Crashers, The Aggrolites, Limp, The Real McKenzies, Mariachi El Bronx, R.K.L., potem bo album Home Street Home kot nalašč za vas.

Tokrat je Fat Mike ustvaril vsa besedila in glasbo za celoten album, ki pa je bolj podoben “muzikalu”. Ampak vseeno je zelo zanimiv.

Fat Mike / Home Street Home / Original Songs From The Shit Musical

1: Monsters (0:00)
2: Three String Guitar (4:09)
3: Urban Campers (5:42)
4: Fecal Alcohol Syndrome (7:58)
5: Three Against Me (10:03)
6: High Achievers (13:20)
7: Gutter Tarts (16:46)
8: Bad Decision (18:26)
9: Missing Child (19:09)
10: I’m Suicide (21:23)
11: Let’s Get Hurt (24:26)
12: Safe Words (26:28)
13: Another Bad Decision (28:51)
14: Seeping Beauty (Reprise) (29:35)
15: Bearly Legal (31:30)
16: Because I Want To (33:43)
17: Life… Oh What a Drag (37:40)
18: The Agony of Victory (40:47)

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