Za vse, ki smo leta 1989 gledali film Back to the Future Part II in se še spomnimo datuma v DeLoreanu je danes zanimiv dan. 21. oktobra 2015 se Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) vrne v prihodnost!

V preteklosti se je pojavljalo cel kup datumov, ko naj bi se Marty vrnil v prihodnost, vendar niso bili pravi. Danes je pravi dan!

The reason [Marty] sets the DeLorean to Oct. 21, 2015? It’s the day 30 years in the future when the Cubs are predicted to win the World Series. Bob Gale, who scripted the 1985 original with Robert Zemeckis, said that he tried to figure out when the final game of the Series would have played: “I did my homework as a baseball fan.” (vir)


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