Slovin’ It: Touring the casinos in Slovenia

Casinos are slowly becoming a part of Slovenian culture and industry. Because Slovenians have liberal yet regulated policies when it comes to gambling, many are encouraged to become a part of this growing economic pillar. Aside from attracting locals to go and play in the casino to keep the economic wheels of Slovenia turning, many foreigners who are going to Slovenia for a vacation are going to casinos as well to experience the joys of playing casino games, poker included, outside their comfort zones. While there are heavy restrictions such as limited number of casinos and exorbitantly high tax levies, the Slovenian government sees this as an opportunity to emulate the kind of tourism Las Vegas and Macau promotes. Unlike these places however, Slovenian casinos are strategically remote so if you want to visit another casino, you have to see another city and thus, a new tourism opportunity. Let’s see what the casino tourism of Slovenia offers.

If you are a hardcore poker player, or just want to have a good time playing with locals, there are lots of casinos and poker houses that have exclusive tables reserved for esteemed poker players and guests. The best place to play poker, according to tourists and citizens alike, is the Hit Hotel in Nova Gorica. Aside from its swanky exteriors and plush interiors—a very important aspect of a casino if you expect players to camp in casinos to play poker for hours—there are also many tables allotted for poker players, unlike some big casinos that only allot one or two tables for poker players. While some find this amusing, players who are in queue will find this irritating. Also, the potential of gaining players diminishes as the line goes longer. So if you want a queue-free high-octane poker gaming with huge signup bonuses, frequent tournaments with huge pots, and a reliable community, check out

Aside from Hit Hotel in Nova Gorica, there are also lots of casinos where tourists can experience casino gaming like no other. Kongo Casino, a small gaming paradise in the middle of Ljubljana, is also another destination of gaming aficionados. With its tropical mood and warm and fuzzy vibe due to the African theme of the casino, Kongo Casino serves as the verdant gaming paradise of the visitors. Another stopover for gamers will be the Casino Ljubljana, a classy hotel with modern architecture and state-of-the-art gaming machineries. Since most of the tourists going to Ljubljana shed cash to stay at one of the best hotels around, many of them don’t leave their hotels just to play casino games like slots, baccarat, video poker, and of course, the most famous casino game in the world: blackjack.